Thursday, 24 April 2014

A linear channel filter

Linear Channel Filter


In this article we will look implementation of channel filter.

    Channel Filter

  • Point wise image processing operation are applied at each point of image
  • Some time transformation if pixel intensity at a point in a multi channel image is dependent on pixel intensity at other point in the image.
  • The present implementation of channel filter is used in case the channel transformation is linear as in the case of color space conversion ,matrix inversion applied across each channels of image etc.
  • A generic channel kernel is define whose column and/or row dimension equals the number of channels in the image
  • We just iterate over the pixel values,apply the kernel and then proceed to next pixel value.


    The code for the same can be found at git repository in files ImgProc/channelfilter.cpp and ImgProc/channelfilter.hpp files.
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